Freedombridge is a personal development company focused on supporting loving self acceptance, awareness, encouraging consenting empowerment.

It is run by Kendal Aitken and is based in Saltburn-by-the-Sea in the North East of England.

Kendal is a personal therapist running individual one to one counselling/ psychotherapy sessions. (see “about”)

Through our workshops and 1-to-1 sessions he offers you the opportunity to release old, limiting patterns of thought and behaviour that no longer serve you and to connect more deeply with yourself, your loved ones and your life purpose.

You are always in charge of your own growth and healing; we are here to serve your intentions in a loving and supportive way.

Freedombridge group work focuses on deep traditions in meditation, dance, ceremony and sacred sexuality.

We have been a company for over a decade and have been facilitating groups in Tantra and sacred sexuality for five years now, from single day workshops to full three day retreats.

Each workshop has been designed and then led entirely by us, with music edited by us and dance led by our wonderful lead practitioner Sarah.

Freedombridge Tantra groups are about exploring your sexuality in a safe space enabling you to re-awaken the sexual life force energy in your body as you also learn to re-focus it in a positive way. Releasing tension and anxiety in your mind and body can help you to return to your natural state as you increase the love for yourself and expand your awareness.

Once relaxed and feeling at home and centered with yourself, you are offered the opportunity to take part in consenting processes. These are very slow and easily grades to sense your own comfort and making conscious choices. Nothing is asked of you to participate in. Everything you do is reminded to you many times to be only done with your full consent. The journey is yours , we merely facilitate your remembering what you are comfortable with and what you choose to experience in your life.

(Testimonial video refers to previous workshops)

“I love what you do I think it is so important and healing for all. It allows so much understanding between people. The workshop space was held by you so beautifully and I felt safe” Beau

“Thank you for creating this space and sharing your knowledge. I had a beautiful experience” Chris