Freedombridge Tantra unites sexuality and spirituality through integrating the physical with the spiritual. The mind, body and soul are all part of an inter-connected Oneness, and when we remove the barriers that block our re-integration we experience peace and bliss.

Sexual energy is the vital life force – the strongest energy we have in the body. It often becomes blocked with repressed shame and guilt which, once released, allows us to experience powerful transformation within us as we re-awaken to our true potential. Setting free this life force acts as a positive force for change on both an individual and a society level, leading to a more conscious and sustainable way of life for all of us by beginning that change within ourselves first.

Re-connecting to the sacredness of life through living in a more sex-positive culture allows us to celebrate our sexuality as we live with awareness and greater fulfilment.

The word Tantra gets variously translated from Sanskrit, among them are “transformation” and “expansion”. There are many different schools of thought, and we draw on the wisdom of different traditions from Shiva Tantra, Yoga, Tantric Buddhism, Taoism, Neotantra to the more modern theories of contemporary science and psychology to connect the ancient mysteries with our current culture. In addition to this, we draw on our own unique experience of having worked in therapy and supportive practice for many years. We see Tantra as a spiritual path which acts as a gateway to allowing us to experience the deep peace and bliss that are at the core of our true nature.

We do this through using breath, physical movement, sound, meditation, discussion and the invitation to offer and receive sacred touch in a safe and loving space.

“I love what you do I think it is so important and healing for all. It allows so much understanding between people. The workshop space was held by you so beautifully and I felt safe” Beau

“Thank you for creating this space and sharing your knowledge. I had a beautiful experience” Chris