First women only workshop announced for April 2019

We are pleased to be running the first women only group in April next year. This seemed an appropriate time of the year to explore the power of the feminine.

In this “Awakening Shakti” group there will be an opportunity to explore female sexuality in the context of both the past and present times, and how it impacts on us today.

During the day, you will be invited to feel into the kind of relationship you have with yourself and your body, and to learn specific healing and restorative exercises for the breasts, ovaries and yoni. The invitation is to delve deeper to connect with the wisdom of the womb in a safe and sacred space.

You will be able to participate through taking part in meditating, sharing, moving and exchanging loving, healing & nurturing touch with others so that you may connect, learn, heal, support and have fun together.

Please contact us for more information. You can book the workshop here:

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